Methodology X will enable you to lose weight fast

700x263MethodX-helenaMethodology x is a fun and intensive 21-day home workout guide designed
for Fashion Models and is now available to all women who seriously
aspire to such levels of body toning and fitness It will also help people to Lose weight fast. This is a multimedia book with built in videos of all the key exercises.

The International Model Stephanie Carta stars with the renowned British Trainer, Dan
Roberts in this unique, challenging and fun 21 day guidebook.

Dan Roberts, the author has been coach for 20 years. He is a certified
strength and conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) and is President of the Dan
Roberts Group which is noted brand in the UK offering coaching in
London, online, and internationally at retreats all over the world.
Methodology X has endorsements from numerous models and actresses &
Personal Trainers.

Methodology X has been featured in some of the top magazines in the world including

Grazia – interview with Dan about the modelling industry featuring Methodology X (April 2014)

Glamour – featuring a one exercises from methodology X in how to get a
model body (April 2014)

Health & Fitness – 4 page feature on how to get supermodel body with Dan Roberts including a 1 page competition to win Methodology X (Feb 2015)

Here are just some things that have been said about Dan Roberts.

“The A-List Guru” – Health & Fitness

“The Model whisperer” – Health & Fitness

“Personal Trainer to the Stars” – Vogue & Esquire

“One of the top Trainers in the country” – Red

“Celebrity Strength & Conditioning Coach” – Men’s Health

“Fitness Expert” – Channel 4 UK

“A-List Personal Trainer” – Top Sante“

Dan Roberts is not an overnight sensation he has dedicated his whole life to the fitness industry, he Is one of the best in the business and has an extensive list of celebrity clients from all over the world these people pay him thousands of Dollars for personal sessions. but by buying the methodology x 21 day workout guide you get you’re very own personalised work out plan to get you in the best shape of you’re life! lose weight fast methodology x

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